How to choose your motor on an electric bike

The motor is the most important part of an electric bike. You have three choices: the front hub motor, the mid drive system, and the rear hub motor.

Front Hub

  • Cheapest
  • Drawn sensation
  • Lack of power in hills

Mid Drive

  • Real bike sensation
  • Top performance
  • Most expensive

Rear Hub

  • Powerful 
  • Feeling of being pushed
  • Easy hill climbing

A hub motor is the best choice for most. The riding experience and the cost to performance ratio are great. It’s the best of both worlds!

We speak from experience on this subject. After experimenting with several of the top systems, most prefer the hub motor system.

As for the mid drive, it is often preferred for technical biking such as mountain biking.


Front hub motors are the cheapest and weakest of the three options, but if you bike on level ground most of the time, a motor like this might be the best option.

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