Top brands

Want to buy an electric bike but you have no idea which one is the best for you ? Here is a list of the best electric bikes brand to help you choose.

1. Pedego Electric bikes

Pedego brand logo

Pedego is a leader in the US. Their bikes are powerful, comfortable and fun to ride, high quality, fair priced, and have numerous experience centers to try their bikes. You can’t go wrong with one of these bikes. We suggest that you to try their bikes at one of their stores, but be careful, you might not want to give it back.

2. Cube

Cube brand logo

CUBE offers a wide range of electric bikes. From a simple electric hybrid bike to a high-end electric mountain bike to finish with competition electric road bikes, CUBE offers quality bikes, with excellent components in a higher price range. Still, the price/quality ratio is great. They have become the reference for electric mountain bikes.

3. O2Feel

o2feel logo

The O2Feel brand has a perfectly designed and efficient electric bike. With its central motor developed specifically for their bikes, these bikes can suite anyone’s needs. O2Feel’s bikes are well priced and offer great value. If you are outside of the US, this brand can seduce you with the design of their bikes.

Final step : Accessories